50 years of Católica

The Birth of Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Universidade Católica Portuguesa is the first Portuguese university that has been founded by an institution other than the state. It was created by the Catholic Church under the 1940 Concordat signed between the Portuguese Government and the Holy See.

Ever since it has been significantly contributing to the development of higher education in Portugal.

Opening Doors

Universidade Católica Portuguesa first opened its doors in 1967 with the creation of the Faculty of Philosophy (Braga). Its headquarters in Lisbon opened in 1968.

Recognition by the State

5th of July 1971 –  the Portuguese State officially recognizes Universidade Católica Portuguesa as a legal person of public utility, namely as ‘provider of a higher education parallel to that provided by the other Portuguese universities’.

Prof. Doctor José Bacelar e Oliveira – First Rector

The first rector, Prof. Doctor José Bacelar e Oliveira, philosopher and Jesuit, guided the university during its first twenty years of existence.

The first degree by the Faculty of Human Sciences

The first degree by the Faculty of Human Sciences – which was also the first degree in Management of the country – was the bachelor in Business Science, later called Business Administration and Management. The following degrees to be instituted were Economy and Law.

Celebration 50 years

The programme for the celebration of Universidade Católica’s 50 years will run from October 2017 to October 2018.